Freedom Center

Salvation Army

We shot and edited this documentary-style video for the groundbreaking of the Salvation Army’s newest center in Chicago, the Freedom Center. In this video we interviewed current and past attendees of the Salvation Army’s rehabilitation and community corrective programs, the tireless Salvation Army workers, advocates, and Alderman of the district the Freedom Center would be open in. With so many different viewpoints in one video, our editors had the task of weaving it into one cohesive story. What they ended up crafting was a heartfelt narrative that truly drove home the fact that places like the Freedom Center are needed in low-income areas.

This video would even lead to one of the interviewees, Henry, who was previously homeless, to be reconnected with his family. Our producers, who conducted the interviews, were skilled in really bring out the raw emotions of the interviewees to show the importance of places like the Salvation Army and the Freedom Center.

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