Empower - Beyond the Resume


This video is a conference opener video that truly sets the tone for the whole event. CareerBuilder came to us to create a contemporary moving story that would really drive home the human factor of finding people jobs and how the right person, at the right place, at the right time can change lives. We focused the story on the crucial relationship between the HR executive and the talent pool allowing equal representation.

From concept to final delivery, this whole production was collectively done in-house at p3 mediaworks. Our pre-production crew did a comprehensive search to find the most fitting talent and securing perfect locations. The p3 production crew carefully crafted all shots so it could effectively tell the story without any dialogue. After, our post production crew took the footage and gave it the full treatment – from color to audio, from creating integrated graphics to visual effects, fully animated sequences, screen replacement, and some 3D-simulated projection mapping.