From the creative concept, casting talent and securing locations (including a CTA bus!) to the full shoot and everything post-production, this job went through all channels of our company.

CareerBuilder came to us and asked for a video that would explain their suite of products and how it can help their clients find the perfect candidates- a pretty big concept to encapsulate into a three-minute video. We were up for the challenge and conceptualized, wrote, and executed CB Epic – a narrative piece focusing on a single recruitment story and encapsulating the work CareerBuilder and their many products.

One of our main goals of this video was to educate the audience, but without feeling like they are being lectured. The light atmosphere of the video effortlessly conveys plenty of knowledge, without bogging down the viewer in heavy language and tedious visuals. We utilized integrated motion graphics to add a layer of complexity the story yearned for while maintaining audience engagement.