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Pre-Event Videos

Grow attendance and create excitement with promotional videos before the event. During this pre-event period, we will also be working with you and your team to create and develop the videos shown at your event.

  • Promo Video

Event Videos

Show videos during your event and engage your audience with compelling stories from your organization. Our production team will be onsite to capture the event as it happens for the post-event videos.

  • Event Open Videos
  • Branded Screen Content Videos
  • Product Launch Videos
  • Awardee Profile Videos
  • Case Study Videos

Post-Event Videos

Recap the event and show it to both your internal and external audiences to continue the conversation. Along with showcasing the event, the event footage can be archived and utilized for the next year’s event promotional video.

  • Recap Video
  • Thought Leadership Videos
  • Speaker Presentations
  • Testimonial Videos

Event Promo Video

Generate buzz about your upcoming event with a engaging promo video that you can market throughout your website, emails campaigns, and social media channels. Showcase exclusive speakers, industry topics, and the date and location of your event to your attendees.

Event Open Video

Use video to tap into the emotions of your exclusive audience; setting the tone of the entire event by kicking off with a powerful narrative video.

Animated Event Branding

Bring the screen to life with Animated Attention Grabbers, Speaker Intros, Logo Loops, Scrolls, and Title Slates to heighten the experience of your audience and amplify the branding and themes involved with the event.

Awardee Profile Videos

Welcome your honorees to the podium with a powerful story celebrating and recognizing their achievements.

Product Launch Videos

Take advantage of the exclusive audience and drive the excitement surrounding the announcement of a new product or service.

Case Study Video

With all of your clients in one place at one time, an event is an excellent opportunity to share a meaningful success story.

Testimonial Videos

With all of your clients, staff and partners in one place at one time, an event is an excellent opportunity to capture spirited on-camera testimonial

Thought-Leadership Videos

Maximize the opportunity to speak with your clients, staff and partners; capturing their perspectives on current trends in your industry.

Speaker Presentations

Fully document each keynote and breakout session to share the event content with an expanded audience.

Event Recap Video

Keep your audience engaged following the event with a fast-paced, high-energy recap video. The video can then be repurposed to create a promo video for next year’s event.

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