“What if I need to create a video, but I have nothing but photos? Oh, and I want it to be a video that people actually watch and enjoy. I want it to be visually compelling and emotional.”

Good news: Photos can be brought to life.



The term “Motion Picture” has become somewhat antiquated, but there is a technique trending in the industry right now – we call “parallaxing”. The word has a red underline when you type it – but if you Google it you’ll see that I’m spelling it right and it does actually exist! The scenes in the above video were created with nothing but photographs (and some effects of course).


This is a cool technique that adds dimension and movement to a photograph. This technique can be used in a variety of ways. For instance, if you are creating an historical video using archival photography, this method allows the video to be far more compelling and the images to be more emotive. Often times a project contains a need for visuals that can only be represented by photographs – places that are on the other side of the globe, events that took place in the past, an EPIC shot that simply cannot be achieved within scope, and the list goes on and on.

This technique can be used sparingly throughout a video for selective impact or can encompass an entire video. Here is an event video we created recently that is comprised of nothing but photographs. This video is comprised of 100% photographyCheck it out!


As you can see, this technique allowed us to “get some shots” that if we attempted to actually shoot in the traditional sense would have cost us millions of dollars. So utilizing this technique can add some selective flair or can drive the visuals of an entire video. This technique provides an entirely new definition for the term “Motion Picture”.